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Mkuze is considered a low risk area for Malaria and no drugs are required in order to get into the Mkuze Game Reserve. Although drugs are not required, it is advised that you take precautions so that you are not bitten by mosquitos. Certain people should take extra precautions as they are more likely to catch Malaria easily. These people include :

  • Pregnant women
  • People who are chronically ill
  • People on steroids (long term)
  • People with Aids/ HIV, porphyria and epilepsy
  • People without spleens
  • Children under 5
  • Adults over 65

Please note that you can contract Malaria even though you have taken measures to ensure that you don't. It is recommend that you see a doctor if you start to feel any of the following symptoms after visiting a Malaria area: headache, fever, muscular and joint pains, sweating, shivering attacks, nausea, diarrhoea and fatigue. Symptoms can occur up to 6 months after you have visited the Malaria area.




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