About Mkuze

The Mkuze Private Game Reserve is located in Northern Zululand and spans around 40 000 hectare. The Reserve was declared a protected area on the 15 February 1912. The Reserve is known for the diversity of habitats including savannah, woodlands, sand forests, riverine forest, pans, grasslands, cliffs and rocky ridges. The reserve makes up the north western spur of the st lucia wetland park, which was declared a world heritage site in 1999.

This area is well renowned for the amount of birds it attracts. There are around 420 species of birds that have been recorded at Mkuze and it is rated in the top ten places for bird lovers. It is said that this is partially due to the rare type of sand that is present in Mkuze.

Mkuze is also home to pans including, the Nhlonhlela pan, the Nsumo pan as well as the Kubube, Kamasinga and Kwamalibala. The Nhlonhlela pan lies in the North and the Nsumo pan lies in the East. These pans are home to the likes of hippo, crocodile, pinkbacked and white pelicans as well as a range of geese and ducks. There are 3 hides inside the game reserve from where you can view black and white rhinoceros, elephant, giraffe, leopard, buffalo, nyala and many many more.

As well as exposure to all the types of wildlife, the reserve offers a glimpse into the locals way of living. There is a Zulu cultural village on the property which not only offers you to whitness the traditional lifestyle but also allows you to view the arts and crafts made by the locals.





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